3D Umami Bomb

Chef Ai Ichinose has developed a new finger food called the “Umami Bomb” using 3D food printing. The potato-based container is divided into three chambers, and the flavors selected by the chef create a dazzling explosion for your tastebuds. Delicious with a glass of wine.

Umami Mushrooms
Potage of mushrooms and burdock root
Expresses the cycle of life in a forest. Fuses the rich flavors of glutamic and inosinic acids with the aromas of the earth.
Umami Tsubaki
Cheesecake with floral nectar
A dish of umami harmony using strawberries, cheese and floral nectar.
Umami Bamboo
Risotto with bamboo shoots and green tea.
The bouillon flavor and grassy aroma of matcha tea encounter the bamboo shoots for this palate pleaser.