Envisioning the Future of Food in 3D

F-EAT is a business venture with Yamagata University that harnesses the revolutionary fusion of 3D food printing with spatial computing. We use this groundbreaking technology to create new food environments that straddle the metaverse and in-person experiences.

Our focus is on developing innovative menus and efficient manufacturing processes to meet individual needs, especially for food services in senior care facilities and hospitals. We also design optimized environments that integrate food with extended reality.

We work with universities, food companies, and precision equipment manufacturers to provide innovative solutions to social issues surrounding food, including health, environment, and regional disparities. We envision a world where everyone can enjoy the pleasure of food.


Create new experiential value for food using 3D food technology

We aim to innovate the food environment with chefs and creative professionals from diverse areas of expertise.


Bring change to relationships and lifestyles through transforming the food environment

We are building a food environment platform that offers menus tailored to individual needs so that family and friends can enjoy the everyday pleasure of sharing meals regardless of circumstances or location.

This immersive restaurant brings together food and art. We create new experiential value for food through 3D food printing and spatial design that integrates learning into dining for children and senior citizens alike.



Naoyuki Ito

In charge of developing experiential content using the latest technology, including TV programs integrated with games and XR events. Since 2020, he has been fascinated by the potential of 3D food printing to change society, and has been passionate about its development and popularization. He launched F-EAT in 2024 with the aim of transforming the world of food by integrating 3D food printing and spatial computing.

Technology Advisor

Hidemitsu Furukawa

Professor at the Soft and Wet Matter Engineering Laboratory (SWEL) at Yamagata University and chairman of the Soft and Wet 3D Co-Creation Consortium. He is an expert in polymer science and mechanical engineering, and passionate about 3D/4D printing of food, medicine, as well as soft robotics research. He co-founded F-EAT to work on solving social issues involving food through 3D food printing.


Tom Nagae

Founded Directions, Inc. in 2004 and Rights, Inc. in 2008. Throughout his career, he has developed and produced content that nurtures creativity for youth. His productions spanning video, media art and 2.5D performances have garnered numerous awards.